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We’re ThePlaneJar Foundation

The Plane Jar is a registered non-profit company that provides psycho-socio-economic aid for Mental Health, Abuse and the LGBTQIA+ community. The Plane Jar looks to foster a community that is all inclusive and provides aid for those who may not have had such an environment in their past. The work ethic that we follow at The Plane Jar is very self care centric and we ensure that all of our employees are well taken care of and benefit from the services that we provide. We at The Plane Jar are a community, rather a family. We look to create an environment that the world otherwise would not have provided for us. We provide psycho-social-legal aid to various people, as per their need. It is really important to us to put our clients, anyone who reaches out to us first. We try to provide the best care possible to them, and are always open to feedback!

How We Help

We look to create an environment that the world otherwise would not have provided for us. The services we provide are the Buddy System, crisis assistance, Social Workers, support groups and a resource list of psychologists and psychiatrists that we are in connect with. All of these resources are created in order to help our clients avail the best care that they can get. We understand that psychological aid may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Thus, to help people in the interim or to help individuals who are not looking for professional aid itself, we also have support group and pre counsellors on our team. We believe that each individual has their own journey to healing and however they choose to tread on that journey is solely dependent on them. The Plane Jar also looks to move beyond a clinical approach to psychology. We do believe that individuals cannot be helped on a pre set method. Every solution that we provide to our clients is based on their needs. The counsellors that we have on board look to move beyond psychology textbooks with which they studied and to ensure that the client is receiving the kind of help that they truly deserve. We also do provide financial aid for those in need. Based on the needs of the individual, we have complete as well as partial financial aid.

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Our Team

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Divya Gidithuri

Head of Crisis Assistance
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Shaivi Srivastava

Vice President
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Shipra Parswani

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Esha Sridhar


Our Advisors

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Mani Kumar

Product Support

Harish Iyer

LGBTQIA+ Activist
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Shweta Srinivasan


Donita Quadros

Social Worker, Criminologist

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