Have any Question?

What should I do if I can’t tell what services I would benefit form/ what services I require?

We understand that being able to know exactly what you need and want is difficult. Thus we do get you in touch with a member from our team who will be able to explain our services to you based on what your situation is. I would encourage you to write to us on our Contact US page or on our Services Page and we will be sure to get back to you.

What does your Safe space support group do exactly?

It is as it sounds conceptually. It is a safe space where you can find comfort, support and a sense of community. The group is led by a primary respondent trained to facilitate support groups. We discuss the things that have been troubling us, explore healthy coping mechanisms and for those two hours a week, our safe space allows you to express yourself fearlessly.

What If I’m a minor. Can I still use your services?

In short, Yes. Systems like our Buddy System are anonymous unless required to report by law. These buddies can be your listening ear and are trained to be pre- councillors. If you are in a situation of abuse and need our assistance, we also provide the services of our Crisis Assistance Social workers. As we also look to aid you to the best of our abilities, getting in touch with a member of our team will help you explore all the options you have.

Do you provide aid and support to the LGBTQIA+ Community?

Yes! We believe in creating a community that is inclusive of all of our differences. Our Primary Respondents are trained to have an intersectional approach for any client who comes to us. We have events and workshops such as Barabari(a platform for LGBTQIA+ Advocacy), open mics, and a directory of LGBTQIA+ Friendly counselors.

I don’t think I can afford your services…

TPJ follows a pay as you can format of payment for our inhouse services. That means that you can pay whatever you can afford at that point of time. When it comes to gaining access to psychologists and Psychiatrists, we offer a limited number of need based financial aid. We strongly believe that access to mental health care and emotional, sexual and physical safety should be easily accessible and thus we will do all that we can to enable that.

What If I want to work with you?

TPJ welcomes a variety of volunteers, interns and employees. In order to apply to open positions with us, you can fill out the volunteer with us form or email us at In order to work on cases you need to complete and pass the training programs that we offer and need to have worked with us for a minimum of 4 months.