MidDay article:We got recognised when Jane Borges, a MidDay newspaper reporter decided to reach out to The Plane Jar to have a word about “The Greyscale”. It was the event that caught her interest and made her address it with a simple newspaper article. The discourse managed to capture certain aims and beliefs of the organization in a concise manner. With Komal Wani’s ( Vice - President of The Plane Jar ) subtle inputs about the event and a briefing of it, the article was able to express the essence of the idea we were trying to address. “They ( perpetrators of sexual abuse ) tend to isolate the victim from everyone else”; an important point mentioned by Komal Wani. It gave us the opportunity to provide us with a platform accessible to most in order to spread awareness about not only the event but also the concept of grooming as a whole. The recording of the details for this event was a special milestone in the history of The Plane Jar.

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