Buddy system

The buddy system is an initiative in which the interns on our team who have been trained by our Child Abuse Awareness and Survivors Assistance training programme (C.A.A.S.A) which certifies them to become Primary Respondents, have been equipped with the skills to handle cases of abuse and also be a pre-counsellor to those who want someone to talk to. We often refer to them as a resource in your time of need.

They have the skills to handle panic attacks, help people that may have suicidal tendencies or engage in activities to prevent self harm. The buddy assigned to you will keep all information strictly confidential and non-judgmental. This buddy is an emotional support to anyone who is going through issues such as mental discomfort to even mental illnesses. You can feel free to text, email or call them whenever you feel low and they will be there to just listen to you and may simply listen to you or recommend help based on what you choose.

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