Safe Space

The Plane Jar ‘Safe Space’ is a judgement free space, where you can talk your heart out. It is led by trained Primary Respondents that are open to discuss topics such as depression, anxiety, stress, body image, gender or anything else that you want to. It is absolutely free of cost, and takes place every week. We are one of the only support groups that runs continuously through the year and is free of cost. We listen, create a sense of security and community, and assist in any way we can. The safe space sessions are conducted by a trained member of our team who has experience with facilitating such groups . It is a safe environment where one is allowed to share their troubles and grievances, which it is completely confidential. We also do many activities in the sessions, such as cool down activities or to make oneself more aware of their emotions among others. If you are interested in joining our group, do click the contact us button to sign up!

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