Social Workers

The Plane Jar has certified people through our Child Abuse Awareness and Survivors Assistance programme (C.A.A.S.A) which certifies them to become Primary Respondents and equips them with certain psycho-legal skills. We also have trained personnel, who are professionals and have experience in criminology as well as psychology. We take up cases of abuse of all kinds, and any case that may need a social worker approach. The Plane Jar assists each case till the client wants to take action.

We assess an individual’s needs and assign buddies and/or social workers to them. The social workers help find homes, jobs, psychologists, psychiatrists and any other type of help the client is seeking. Based on the needs of the case, a case analysis is conducted and plans are made to proceed with the best intent of the client in mind. This may be through home conflict resolution, working on safety plans, creating a social support system for the individual and or provide resources for physical/mental health. We ensure that we plan with those who come to us for help and not for them. Having a team that has largely worked several cases of abuse, we understand that accessing help can be difficult. Thus we wish to provide assistance in any way we can. Contact us with the link below and we will get back to you shortly.

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