C.A.A.S.A 18 Dec

Training Details

  • Date:Dec 18, 2018 - Dec 25, 2018
  • Time:05:00PM to 08:00PM
  • Venue:Private
  • Address:Private
  • Fees: ₹ 2500

What is C.A.A.S.A?

C.A.A.S.A. stands for Child Abuse Awareness and Survivors Assistance- C.A.A.S.A.

A training week designed to equip people with the knowledge about child abuse and with the skills required to help children in such a situation. The course certifies participants with a certification of Child Abuse Awareness and Survivor Aid. Those who excel in the program gain the certification of being First Hand Respondents for Abuse Survivors.

  • The training session for the participants comprises of an intensive 6-day module which would include but not be limited to dealing with abuse victims of all types- emotional, sexual and physical.

  • A combined certificate from The Plane Jar and Mind & Me certifying those in the programme with the skill to be Primary Respondents for Child Abuse and to document and study such cases.

  • We are looking to train 25 individuals in our next training cycle.


The training sessions will be day-long sessions of approximately 8 hours.The topics covered will comprise of lectures and workshops such as: * How to deal with child abuse (with a focus on sexual abuse) and how can you help. * How to use research methods for data collection, compilation, analysing and presenting of data. * Mock sessions on taking case studies, interacting with victims, interacting with perpetrators and other real life scenarios. * Methods to integrate awareness and conscientiousness in your daily life. * Sessions on taking care of your own mental health in the midst of doing your bit to contribute to society.

Those participating in this program will be individually tracked on their progress and the certification will be provided based on their performance. This initiative is aimed at training the individuals to understand child abuse better and equips them with the skills required to handle scenarios where they may encounter or hear of Child Abuse.

This initiative is aimed at training the individuals to understand child abuse better and equips them with the skills required to handle scenarios where they may encounter or hear of Child Abuse.

How will I be able to benefit society?

The number of cases registered for child abuse raised from 8,904 in the year 2014 to 14,913 in the year 2015, under the POSCO Act. Sexual offences and kidnapping account for 81% of the crimes against minors.

Abuse is prevalent all around us and the skill to be able to help individuals who have been abused or who are undergoing abuse is key in today’s day and age. Basic knowledge of legal provisions and awareness about what to in cases of child abuse may prove to be life-changing for the individual.

The training will also introduce you to individuals who have been abused in the past and they will share their stories. We will have various individuals from the our community to enlighten you on the provisions the law provided them with and the steps they would take today to prevent such an occurrence.

What is the certification I will receive after the program?

On completion of the training, you will receive certification as a ‘Child Abuse Awareness and Survivors Assistance- C.A.A.S.A. ’

Individuals who prove to have excellent skills in interpersonal relations and show great skill while participating in the program, will be certified as ‘Child Abuse Primary Respondents’.

If individuals do not attend the complete course and/or fail to show any interest in the course, they will not be provided with any certification.

Who is eligible for this training?

We are looking for individuals between the ages of 16-26, who have the potential to learn and bring about change. This although, is only a general range we have put forth. We would gladly accept applicants from other age groups if we find that they would be able to cope with the rigour of the session and the content that they will be exposed to.


The fee for the 6 day Program is Rs.2,500.

This fee includes all of the study material and complete access to all the provisions of the course.

The Cheque or Demand Draft is to be issued to- Plane Jar Welfare Foundation. We do not accept payments made in cash.

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